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Our Projects

Since 2021, we have been working on several start-up projects related to the environment and farmers' knowledge. Our efforts have been supported by Taiwan Agricultural Research Insitute, Taiwan Society of Subtropical Ecology, and the Ministry of Economic Affairs.



Forest Recovery (2022-2023)

This project evaluated forest recovery in the surrounding area. What is the structure and composition of forests around farmland since agricultural abandonment? Are forests healthy? What implications can be derived to understand current ecosystem state? Results of this study showed that forests have recovered, however, some signs are concerning.


Macaques' Foraging Activity (2023)

This project aims to investigate any patterns and correlations between foraging activity rates of macaques in the area according to seasonal changes and fodo availability. So far what we know is that their foraging activity between forests and plantain plantations is not due to a lack of food resources.



Monitoring Native Oaks (2023-ongoing)

We've been able to establish a monitoring project to observe growing and reproductive patterns of 42 native oaks in the area. We hope to see which species adapt well and how these patterns shift under a changing climate.


Educational Training (2023-ongoing)

We provide workships for our team and local villagers to attend training in either outdoor recreational courses or basic concepts in ecology.

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