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About Us

We are a small team with a dream of creating a meaningful and fun experience for you.

Juhu Ecological Park belongs to a married couple who have a deep appreciation of nature. The farmer was born here and has observed how the land around has been changed for several decades. It once was purely a certified organic farm, but over the decades, wildlife has returned and crop damage has been drastically increasing. While they still grow organic fruits, the park's main business operation is through its AirBnb business and outdoor adventure services, such as zip-lines, three-rope bridges, and tree climbing activities. 

In the future, we will be offering environmental education activities for youth designed by our team in two languages.

From the bottom of our hearts, we want you to have a memorable experience here and leave feeling rejuvenated and full of calming and inspirational energy. 

We currently are trying to be funded through a project to make all of this happen

We need all local government support in order to achieve our community development goals.

Our Values

We aspire to live in harmony with nature, whether it be by sustainable farming, providing outdoor adventure services, or educational courses.

We want to build from bottom-up, improving local communities' socio-economic status by working together and finding job opportunities for them.

We are in the early stages of conducting long-term ecological monitoring of the forests and biodiversity around us so that our scientists can design sustainable management practices of the habitats around and improve ecological states for specific organisms. This means we greatly appreciate the diversity around us and want to keep it that way or even make it better.

Local ecological knowledge from local farmers are essential to us in helping make all of this possible.

Our core motive and inspiration is to ensure that everyone who comes here feels that spark when you walk around here, feeling a sense of peace, relaxation, growing an affinity to nature, and taking home with you meaningful and pleasant memories.

Taiwan is a unique island that deserves more recognition for its beauty and biodiversity and we hope to give our home island the recognition it deserves. 

Meet The Team


Hsu Mei-Ju

Owner & Chef


Hsia Chia-Mei

Program Coordinator



Employee & Farmer



Intern & Helper


Lai Jin-Tian

Owner & Farmer


Jennifer K




Adventure Coach



Aventure Coach

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