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What's on Oak Hill?

Oak Hilll is a mixed plantation of 40 native oak species (Fagaceae) of Taiwan. In Taiwan, oaks usually occur in elevations above 500 meters, however, Oak Hill is approximately only 300 meters high. Can oaks adapt to relatively lower elevations? We monitor their phenology to find out. Its one of the few places to see so many different oaks in one place. You may say this is part of a restoration and seed conservation effort by the owners of JEP. 

Oaks Planted Since 2017

Taiwan has around 45 native oak species (Fagaceae) distributed across the island. In 2017, Mr. Lai (the owner & farmer) collected 40 native oak seeds from different parts of Taiwan. He grew these seeds in the nursery and planted them around the top of a mountain, which is now called Oak Hill (or 掃別山). When you go to Oak Hill for a walk or on a Master Naturalist Challenge, you can find trees in all shapes and sizes. These planted oak trees are about one to five years old. So far, most of them are doing well, while some have died due to pests, drought, or herbivory. You can also often see planted oaks along the roadsides in the park as well. 

There is much to explore and learn in Oak Hill. There are fascinating characteristics and small stories about the plants there. In addition, you will definitely not miss the wildlife. Wildlife faeces, footprints and markings are abundant if you look closely to the ground.


Below are some of the oak species found. You have to be there to see the rest! 

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