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You are free to merely enjoy the view, walk around, and have a picnic. However, there are a few more additional benefits when you mindfully open up all your senses and observe nature around you.

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Here are a few good reasons to do so! What you decide to do after reading this is up to you. 


First and foremost, exploring the environment you are in triggers curiosity. Wherever you go, there is surely always something that catches your eye in a pleasant and exciting way. Whether it is the scenery, the tall trees, the colors of nature, a colorful butterfly, there is something for everyone to observe. In fact, there is much to see around here in terms of wildlife and plant diversity. It can be guaranteed to see at least a dozen of animals in a 30 minute walk. 


Encountering an animal or plant is more than just seeing it momentarily on the surface. After a few moments of observing, we instantly ask questions arising from curiosity. What is it doing? Why does it look the way it looks? Is it healthy? Why is it where it is? What is that on its body? What is its relationship with other species and the environment? These are all ecological questions we innately ask ourselves and each other. Even though we may have the tendency to anthropomorphize our understandings, the motivation and curiosity is there. Therefore, there is a naturalist spirit within us all, only if we decide that today, we choose to be present and make most of what the day has to offer us and perhaps learn something cool along the way.


By the end of the day, you then would have created a connection with the place you are in. The more you tried to understand what you observed, the more you strengthened your emotional connection to nature and developed a sense of place. A love for beauty in its diversity. An appreciation for being where you are. This is a gift you give yourself. No one can take it away from you.


The second main benefit is that Juhu Ecological Park is a place valued and loved by a small group of people who wish to be stewards of the land and manage it sustainably for the long-term. The more people we get to participate and make observations with us, the more reliable our understanding of biodiversity can be and how we can address several environmental concerns of ours. This is an opportunity to be part of an effort to do something meaningful so that we can learn to be in harmony with nature.


And lastly, while we hope that you have a relaxing and rejuvenating time during your visit, we also hope to offer an educational experience here. A little fun, a little curiosity, a little challenge, and some learning and motivation ensures that your day will be wisely spent! So why not take the initiative to observe nature's wonders?

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