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About Reeves's Muntjacs

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Reeves's Muntjacs are small deer that feed on many different plant parts. They prefer leaves that are soft with high non-fibrous carbohydrates and avoid leaves high in lignin.  It's also called a barking deer, because it barks. They also make other calls when injured, although we haven't really distinguished between the different calls (or barks) muntjacs make. According to local knowledge, muntjacs were much larger in size decades ago, and therefore it is said now that adults are a bit smaller in Juhu Village. They have a large home-range of about 5 kilometers. They are active during the day and the night. Population numbers have kept increasing in the last 7, 10, and 20 years in JEP. Without any protection, all replantation efforts of native trees will be severely eaten. This makes our reforestation efforts ever more difficult.

They were once introduced to the UK and are now an invasive species that is growing in numbers drastically. It is also predicted that muntjacs will spread and become common all over Europe, as spottings have been reported in the Netherlands and it has been introduced in Belgium as well.

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